2014 Solutions Summit in Pictures

Here are just a few of the photos taken during the conference. We’re in the process of adding more, so please check back for updates. If you have photos for the gallery, please send them to shelley@eschoolsolutions.com.



Our hotel the Monday after Solutions Summit.. (Okay, I admit it; I was excited to see snow. I’m dorky like that.)

Don’t Miss Red Rocks While You’re In Denver

In 2013, I visited the Denver area twice. Both times I made a pilgrimage to Red Rocks. What a beautiful place! Definitely worth exploring if you’re going to be in Denver through the weekend. ¬†On one of my visits, I encountered severe weather and took this shot between storm fronts.












If you look closely, you can see Denver in the distance – along with a rainbow. It was a spectacular view! I highly recommend Red Rocks as a Denver destination. For more suggestions, see Shelley’s Picks.




More Reasons Why You Love Solutions Summit

One way we measure the success of the annual SFE Solutions Summit is to find out if attendees left with information that will help them once they get back to the office. Last year, 99% of attendees said the conference provided them with information that would assist them in their daily role. Here are a few specific examples from their survey responses:

We’re always looking for ways to run reports for different things and we got some great ideas.

I walked away with valuable information regarding the Affordable Care Act.

I learned how to export data, tweak it, then import it back to SFE.

I learned that importing/exporting isn’t as scary as it seems. Learned a lot from other districts about how they train and discipline their subs.

I received a better understanding of some of the things I have been shying away from – like creating reports and exporting.

Our district learned some basic applications that we’ll be able to apply.

I learned how to import data in an easier way.

I learned ways to build reports.

I have a better understanding of the functionality of the system.

I learned how to track leave balances.

I learned better ways to train our subs and communicate with them. to an administrator can make schedule changes.

I learned a lot about priority lists.

I learned which search rules are best for my district and how to make profile changes.

I realized that we’re only using a fraction of the functionality available to us!

I learned how easy it is to import/export information to/from my payroll system to/from SFE.

What is it you hope to learn at this year’s conference?

Two Weeks and Counting

With just two weeks until the BIG event, we’re tying up all kinds of lose ends. Today, we’re assembling swag bags.











I wonder what will be inside?! All will be revealed in just two short weeks! See you then!

The Denver Beer Trail

Did you know Denver is often referred to as the “Napa Valley of Beer?” I didn’t. Stands to reason, though, considering the city’s love affair with hops. According to EatDrinkDenver.com, “more beer is produced in metro Denver than any other region in America.” Exploring their website further, I came across The Denver Beer Trail – a guide to 14 downtown Denver breweries.


Sounds like an adventure!


Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Last year, 99% of Solutions Summit attendees said the event either met or exceeded their expectations. Here are just a few of the comments attendees gave for why they enjoyed the 2013 event:

Extremely pleasant, fantastic group of people to work with and just an overall good feeling. I thought everything was great.

As always the team is so powerful. I always learn something new.

I feel like every time I attend I learn more about how SFE works and how to make it work better for my district.

Excellent location. Everyone seemed delighted to be there to share, learn, and network.

I was pleasantly surprised by the personal, hands-on touch during the conference. Generally, these types of conferences are a sales pitch for the next product, but that wasn’t the case here. It felt more like a customer appreciation conference. It was fantastic!

Presentations by staff and guest speakers were very informative.

It was a great conference with more networking opportunities. Appreciated how you pulled clients into some of the discussions – to get their experiences.

Very organized and the information was useful.

I learned a lot of new information about the system.

Everyone was so helpful and concerned that we get the knowledge we need.

I was just so excited to talk with others who have used the system for more than one year. I received information that will help my job a lot easier!

Brought back some improvements for managing our subs and ideas for changes in how we use the system.

Very informative.

I’ve only worked with SFE for just over a year, so it was invaluable for me to hear presenters and network with others.

Very nice conference with good information.

These are great reasons for joining us in Denver for the 2014 SFE Solutions Summit. It’s not too late to register. See you in Denver!

Over My Head for Denver

Did you know the band The Fray is from Denver? Here’s another song from the Welcome Reception Playlist. Just a little something to get you in the mood for the 2014 SFE Solutions Summit!

Sneak Peek: Reports Part I

I ran into Connie Fennell – one of your favorite eSchool Solutions team members (and ours!) – and asked her to tell us a little bit about what she’ll be covering in her breakout session: Reports Part I.


Just 20 more days until the 2014 SFE Solutions Summit! See you there!

Biscuits A Mile High

When my daughter – Carly – and I visited Denver this past summer, we discovered Denver Biscuit Company. Carly declared DBC her favorite Denver eatery. Just two miles from the hotel, it’s a quick, inexpensive cab ride – making it the perfect Saturday morning destination.

I. Know. Biscuits. DBC knows biscuits too. HUGE, buttery, flaky, melt in your mouth biscuits. On our visit, Carly had the Strawberry Shortcake made with the world’s largest biscuit. It was love at first sight.











I had the Ellsworth – a giant biscuit sandwich with buttermilk fried chicken, honey, stone-ground mustard, and homemade pickles. Words cannot describe. You’ll just have to try it for yourself.

Denver Biscuit Company
3237 E Colfax Avenue
Saturday & Sunday, 8AM to 3PM