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New and proven technologies can help you implement creative administrative solutions with dramatic cost savings.

On any given day, 7-14% of preK-12 teachers are absent – forcing school districts to spend time and money finding replacements. However, filling these slots manually or with software that selects the “first available” sub is a poor use of resources. eSchool Solutions® has a better answer: SmartFindExpress®.

Electronic Registrar Online
It’s not enough to offer a number of staff development options. For maximum effectiveness, professional learning opportunities must align with student achievement goals. With ERO, staff development is strategic. Combining best practices with state-of-the-art technology, ERO enhances professional development by making it more targeted, customized and, most importantly, effective.

TeacherStudio™ is a vital, worldwide professional learning community where teachers can see, hear and collaborate with exemplary educators. This completely unique online community allows teachers across districts to come together anytime, anywhere to share ideas, receive mentoring and experience global best practices.